Receive personalized feedback on your spirits from L.A. Spirits Awards’ expert judges

The crafting of exceptional spirits is both an art and a science. It requires your passion, skill, and dedication—in perfect balance.

And sometimes to achieve your goal of creating a truly stellar liquid, you can benefit from unbiased, professional feedback about your efforts.

That’s what L.A. Spirits Awards’ Insights program is here to offer.

Participating in the Insights program gives you access to the expertise and knowledge of industry professionals who understand what it takes to create exceptional spirits.

Presented in a customized and informative report, Insights is designed to complement L.A. Spirits Awards’ regular medal competition. While a medal’s primary role is to communicate the quality of your spirits, the report you’ll receive from Insights provides you with additional feedback and observations that might just give you the edge you seek in a highly competitive market.

Questions answered in the report can include topics such as:

  • What could improve the spirit?
  • What (if any) are the flaws in the spirit?
  • What sets the spirit apart from the others of its kind?
  • What target markets would the product appeal to, and how?

(Examples given are for illustrative purposes. Information will vary.)


The feedback you receive from Insights can give you new perspectives on your product that can help inform your marketing and branding strategies, help you identify flavor profiles that resonate with a contemporary customer, and help improve the overall quality and consistency of your spirit and spirits program.

Participation in the Insights program is available to all products entered in L.A. Spirits Awards and High Spirits Awards’ regular tasting competition for an additional fee.

Products must be entered in the L.A. Spirits Awards or High Spirits Awards to be eligible. 

Enroll any or all of your products in the Insights feedback program when you enter online.

If you wish to enroll products that you have already entered in the 2023 competition, download an Insights enrollment form.

Participation in the Insights program is not required to enter the L.A. Spirits Awards or High Spirits Awards competition, and opting in or out will not influence your products’ awards eligibility.

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