Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Why enter L.A. Spirits Awards?
L.A. Spirits Awards is committed to giving our entrants the best possible competition experience, followed by winner benefits beyond what other spirits competitions offer.

In addition to a diverse team of expert spirits judges, our Directors offer competition management expertise other competitions simply can’t offer, and post-competition programs strategically designed to help our winners build their brands and gain customers.

In short, L.A. Spirits Awards provides a bigger bang for your entry fee bucks.

How are entries judged?

First, note that “competition” is a bit of a misnomer. Every L.A. Spirits Award entry is first evaluated solely on its own merits—not in competition with other entries—to determine its medal worthiness. It is only when a product advances to the finals round that it competes against others in its category for a coveted “Best in Show” award.

For a complete description of our evaluation process, please visit our “How We Judge” page.
Entering Your Spirits Products
How do I enter?

Unfortunately, our May 27 deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting entries for 2021. But if you subscribe to our mailing list, we will notify you the moment our 2022 judging dates and deadlines are announced..

Shipping Your Spirits to L.A. Spirits Awards
Where do I ship my products to be judged?

Please refer to our Shipping Instructions sheet.  

How many sample bottles do I need to send?

We request that you send two 750ml bottles (or the equivalent) of each product you are entering 

How do I know if my products have been received?

Your Entrant Control Panel will indicate the current shipment and payment status of each of your entries.

I’m shipping my products from outside the U.S. and don’t have an importer? How can I get import help?

You must contact our import partner MHW without delay to obtain the import documents required to clear your entries through U.S. Customs.

Email MHW at:

MHW’s processing fee of $60 per producer will be charged when you submit your entry. Any additional U.S. Customs duties or fees incurred will be billed back to you when determined.
After the Competition
How do I find out if I’ve won an award?

Results will be posted to your Entrant Control Panel on June 25, 2021. You will also receive an email notification alerting you that results are available.

If your entry won a medal, you will be asked to review the accuracy of the product information we have on file in advance of our printing award certificates and making our winner lists available to the public. in publicity and on our website.

What else can I find in my Entrant Control Panel?

After the competition, all entrants can review all entry and purchase histories.

The following features are also available for all L.A. Spirits Awards winners:
Download free medallion artwork for use in your promotions (L.A. Spirits Awards never charges you extra to use our imagery to promote your hard-won awards.)
Download convenient social media templates
Download and print copies of your printed award certificates
Take advantage of exclusive offers from L.A. Spirits Awards’ strategic partners
Can I get medallion artwork or a copy of my award certificate for products I entered last year?

You can! Your Entrant Control Panel features are available for all your entries, past and present. You can download medallion artwork, certificates, and social media templates for all products you’ve entered, regardless of what year you entered them.
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