This is not your daddy’s spirits competition.

Meeting the need for a new way to judge spirits

L.A. Spirits Awards was conceived in 2019 by Nicolette Teo and Joel Blum, who after working together in the competition business for many years realized the need for a new competition paradigm—one that would go beyond the mere awarding of medals.

We had the knowledge and expertise to imagine the ideal judging event. But to turn it into a reality, we had to start our own.

Our competition would judge spirits quality from the perspective of a new generation of experts, by a fresh and diverse team that better reflected the look of the overall spirits industry.

We envisioned a more agile and efficiently run event that would ensure all entries were given their due attention and receive a fair and proper evaluation.

We wanted to give entrants a better competition experience, and to offer promotional programs that served winners long after the judging ended.

Welcome to L.A.

Besides being our home, Los Angeles is an important cultural center. The second largest metropolis in the United States has an ever-increasing influence on the tastes and trends of consumers everywhere. And L.A. Spirits Awards medals carry commensurate sway with consumers and the spirits trade.

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