Rules and Eligibility

Who Can Enter?

Any commercial spirits Any spirits product, from any country, that is commercially available or is expected to be available in the next calendar year, is eligible, even if it has competed in other spirits competitions, including previous L.A. Spirits Awards (LASA) competitions.

Any number of entries There is no limit to the number of entries you may send, but a product may only be entered once in any competition year.

A few conditions apply...

Don’t miss the deadline!The L.A. Spirits Awards must receive your spirits products by [date] in order to be judged. Please leave enough time for unexpected shipping delays and — if you are entering imported products — provide for ample time for processing of U.S. Customs paperwork and for your product to pass through Customs when it arrives in the U.S.  (Click here for important information if you will be shipping your entry from outside the U.S.)

Send enough product We ask for two 750ml bottles (or the equivalent) of each product you enter, and this is why: We must have enough products for our judges to sample during all phases of the tasting. There are initial judging rounds, semi-final elimination rounds, and a finalist round to determine Best in Show winners, and we must ensure that all products are tasted by all the judges to which they are assigned. This can usually be accomplished with one 750ml bottle, but we also need a back-up bottle, just in case of mishap in shipping or during the event.

Pay all costs of shipping and importingThe L.A. Spirits Awards is not responsible for any costs incurred to ship or import your product. All shipping fees, import fees, customs duties, shipping insurance, or other expenses related to your products’ safe and prompt arrival at our warehouse, must be paid by you before your product can be tasted by our judges.

Say cheese! The L.A. Spirits Awards reserves the right to photograph your entry for use in future promotions and to publish information about your product in LASA marketing materials, advertising, public relations, and on our website.

Note our refund policy!  A $50 nonrefundable processing charge is included in each product entry fee.  If your products do not arrive in time to be tasted by our judges, any entry fees you have paid to the L.A. Spirits Awards will be refunded to you—minus this nonrefundable processing fee.

There will be no refunds of any fees paid in advance for import assistance, and no products will be returned to you.

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